rural life

Villa Montagnola is located in the Monte Sabini, 65km north-east of Rome. From the house you look down at Torri in Sabina at 4 km. Here you find the coffee bars where the locals meet. Stroll through the alleys of this small village, thinking of the delicious cappuccino that awaits you there.

The medieval villages in the area are all worth a visit. A beauty is Casperia where you can have a great lunch at Osteria Vigna at the picturesque square. And do not forget Santuario di Vescovio, a medieval sanctuary, with in the inner garden Ristorante Oasi di Vescovio, an absolute must!

Sabina was a luxurious resort for prosperous Romans. Countless excavations are proof of this. Cooling and peace were sought and found.

Real rural life and breathtaking silence can still be found here.